Bonsai Enthusiast creates Bonsai T-Shirt

Mark Givensel creates the “Bonsai – Slowest sport on Earth T-Shirt”.

Bonsai T-Shirt calls Bonsai the slowest sport on Earth

Bonsai - Slowest Sport on Earth T-Shirt

As a kid growing up in Cleveland, Ohio,  I never really played any sports.  Instead, I spent most of my free time cutting grass with my Lawn Care Business.  As an adult, I’ve continued my love for plants and nature as an amateur Bonsai enthusiast.  To celebrate this love of Bonsai trees and the lack of any knowledge of traditional sports, I’ve created a Bonsai T-shirt pronouncing Bonsai as the slowest sport on earth.

This Bonsai T-shirt is available in Sports Grey and black with sizes small, medium, large and extra large.  Shipping is free anywhere in the United States and can be purchased at

Get your Bonsai-the slowest sport on earth T-shirt now!


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